Monetize your work with Google Ads to the maximum

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How to earn guaranteed passive income from existing Google accounts

AccBank Cube

AccBank is your reliable partner and source of profit

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AccBank is an international partner network for advertising agenciesand PPC specialists, which helps further monetize your main activity by selling old accounts with spending history.

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For more than 4 years, we have been helping our partners increase profitsand work with 15 large agencies in the CIS and Europe and hundreds of self-employed contextual advertising specialists.

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Our staff consists of 23 employees and sales representativesin every CIS country except Russia, which means that your request will always be processed quickly and efficiently.

430 000$

Total amount of payments to partners

3 000+

Positive feedback from clients

4 years

Our experience in the market


Our advantages or why choose us

01 / The best conditions on the market

02 / Full payment guarantee

03 / Secure account transfer

04 / Your personal manager

05 / Individual approach

06 / Pleasant bonus payments

How does it work? 6 simple steps

Step 1

Coordination of quantity and total costs on each account


Step 2

Transfer of viewing rights


Step 3

Checking accounts and creating estimates


Step 4

Negotiating prices for accounts


Step 5

Pay for accounts in a way convenient for you


Step 6

Transferring owner rights to accounts


Calculator of your income per account

Account expenses

Your income


#1 Payment by card
#2 Payment with cryptocurrency
#3 Payment to account
#4 Cash payment (on request)

The income of each of our partners is important to us, and from this we pay the highest commissions for accounts.

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Our partners

Top 1 partner

Advertising agency
Partnership time 1.5 years Country Poland Accounts sold 2 400 Earned from accounts ~130'000$

Top 2 partner

Advertising agency
Partnership time 2 years Country Kazakhstan Accounts sold 1 370 Earned from accounts ~87'000$

Top 3 partner

Advertising agency
Partnership time 1 years Country Great Britain Accounts sold–≤ 640 Earned from accounts ~40'000

Securityand personal information

icon Accounts are used in traffic arbitrage; we advertise goods and services with complicated moderation (Chinese goods, service centers, medical centers, etc.).
icon Often there are clients who need to launch advertising with daily budgets of $1k or more from the start; unfortunately, this is not possible on new accounts.
icon Because Google Ads moderation is overloaded, new accounts may have a very long wait for ads to be approved. On old accounts with stories and expenses, you can go down much faster, and time is money.


We delete all personal information that was on the account


We change the payment profile to our data



Contact us and you will receive detailed information about all the benefits of cooperation with us. Enjoy personal attention and reliable support from AccBank - your trusted partner!

AccBank - Profitable and safe purchase of your accounts

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AccBank is your reliable partner in the field of buying Google Ads accounts on the Internet. With us, you will be able to profitably monetize your core business and increase your own profits. Moreover, without any risks - we work within the framework of the legal field, offering a full range of quality services taking into account the specifics of the client's activity.

What do we offer?

Our company specializes in buying accounts used for Google advertising, providing advertising agencies and PPC specialists with favorable conditions for receiving passive income from their use on already prepared platforms.

How do we work?

When working with Google Ads accounts, we follow the following algorithm of actions:


Estimate the total costs of the account to determine its final value


Transfer of rights to view the account for a more detailed study


Comprehensive checking of the account and formation of an estimate for it


Coordination of the cost and other aspects of the future transfer of the account


Calculation in a way convenient for the partner and obtaining the rights of the owner

Why our company - the benefits of cooperation

The AccBank team offers to buy Google accounts with the following advantages for you:

01 / Strict compliance with all existing agreements with the partner

02 / Legally safe and legal transactions

03 / The best prices, which make cooperation with us extremely profitable

04 / Comprehensive customer support in solving any issues

05 / Operational interaction and effective management of time and resources


By choosing AccBank to sell an account, you get a reliable partner capable of guaranteeing exactly the result you need in any situation.

So don't delay - a team of professionals is always at your service.