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What requirements must sales accounts meet?
To sell Google Ads accounts, the accounts must be older than 2 months and have expenses of $50 or more. We accept accounts in any currency.
How does the process of selling an account work?
After providing access to view, the AccBank manager evaluates the account and provides a price estimate. After approval, we make a 100% prepayment, and you provide full access rights to the account.
What are the security guarantees and what payment methods do you offer?
We work on a 100% prepayment system. After viewing the account and calculating the price, we process the payment. Security guarantees include no impact on your email, other Google Ads accounts, or Google services.
Am I breaking Google Ads rules by selling my account?
No, transferring access to your account to another email does not violate the Google Ads rules, it is equivalent to the fact that you will receive access rights to the account from your client
How does selling an account affect my other Google accounts and services?
Once your account is transferred, we completely disconnect from all Google services, which does not affect your other accounts.
If I'm an agency and want to sell you a lot of accounts, will this affect my MCCs or client accounts?
No, our cooperation with more than 10 official agencies in Europe and the CIS lasts for more than 2 years, and we guarantee that there will be no problems with MCC or customer accounts.
If I only have administrator access, but do not have access to the payment profile, will you be able to buy such an account?
Yes, we have methods for changing and resetting the payment profile on your account.
Do you buy accounts with debt?
Yes, we buy accounts even with debts.
Can I make money from the referral program if I don't have my own accounts?
Yes, we have a referral program for partners. You can earn money by recommending us to your friends.
Is it possible to meet in person to accept payment and transfer accounts?
Yes, personal meeting is possible in 4 countries by prior arrangement.
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